28 Feb 2024

Croda Foundation exceeds 2030 goal


Croda Foundation is announcing, that together with the unwavering support of its project partners, the charity has sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people around the world, significantly exceeding its goal of sustainably improving one million lives by 2030.

This feat was enabled by the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 22 million of these interventions directly attributable to the Foundation’s funder, Croda International Plc, and its pioneering response to the outbreak.

Following the commercial success in producing lipid-based development systems for the first COVID-19 vaccines, Croda donated an additional £2m restricted health grant to the Foundation in 2020, resulting in the Foundation supporting vaccination projects for disadvantaged communities around the world.

Woman receiving vaccine from doctor

Its £500,000 grant to British Asian Trust resulted in 22 million people being vaccinated and protected against COVID-19 in the height of India’s second wave. Crucially, these individuals were also each given a new or updated digital health record, granting them ongoing access to health services – a sustainable improvement in their lives.

On top of vaccinating millions of people in underserved communities, the Foundation has bettered a further 800,000 lives by giving disadvantaged women in Nairobi the skills to allow them to move out of the slums, helped Amazonian tribes re-establish native crops and provided sun care education for people with Albinism in Uganda.

Croda Foundation Chair, Helena Ganczakowski said: "Going forward, without the influence of a major pandemic, we anticipate continuing to support a wide range of projects with the ambition of continuing to improve millions of lives. With our 2030 goal complete, we have started the process of resetting our targets and milestones for the future, which will be communicated later in the year.”

Our Governance

Croda Foundation, established in 2020, is an independent charitable company set up by FTSE 100 specialty chemicals company, Croda International Plc, and is registered in England and Wales (number: 1196455).  The Foundation is solely funded by generous donations from Croda International Plc and led by an independent Board of Trustees