Farmers crops flourishing thanks to Association Morija

Association Morija

Promotion of sustainable agriculture in Togo

Reduce hunger and poverty, and improve livelihoods

Africa and Middle East

The issue:

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the agricultural sector employs a large part of the population. Yet, 153 million people live with food insecurity and limited economic opportunities. This poverty is also the result of less controllable events such as crop failures and climatic hazards. With droughts, floods and deforestation affecting Togo, coffee and cocoa producers have seen a significant decrease in productivity of their vital crops, which is impacting their primary source of income.

Farmers hold cocoa trees donated via Association Morija

The project:

Association Morija aims to provide assistance to vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa. Operating in Burkina Faso, Togo, Chad and Cameroon, the organisation works in close collaboration with local partners to support water sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, health, education and rural development.

Croda Foundation has awarded Association Morija £40,000 for its promotion of sustainable agriculture in the rural villages of Kloto, Agou and Amou, Togo. By equipping smallholder farmers with environmentally friendly agroforesty practices, the project is helping coffee and cocoa producers increase crop yield, sustainably improving their living conditions. The organisation is also helping young people set up new plots by restoring agricultural soil.

Ninety-six young rural producers will be set up with new coffee and cocoa plots, and 150 smallholder farmers, as members of the Federation of Coffee and Cocoa Producers' Unions, will receive agroforesty training from a local partner. Additionally, to diversify income, 30 farmers will be taught how to produce honey, and 40 women will be trained in natural soap production. In total, approximately 516 will benefit.

To learn more about Association Morija, visit its website.

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