Students at school working with Dig Deep

Dig Deep (Kenya)

Constructing rainwater harvesting systems at schools in Kenya

Reduce hunger and poverty, and improve livelihoods

Africa and Middle East

The issue:

In Bomet County, Kenya, the level of poverty is extremely high, with the median household daily income just over £3. Two-thirds of the population does not have clean water, more than half of the people do not have safe toilets, and children do not have access to basic hygiene education. Malnutrition is a serious problem, and consequently, 36% of children are impacted by stunting (low height for age). Local health care is overwhelmed by easily preventable waterborne diseases, and water sources are heavily polluted, which impacts biodiversity.

Student holding container of clean water thanks to Dig Deep

The project:

Dig Deep believes that everyone has a fundamental right to clean water, safe toilets, and good hygiene. In collaboration with the Kenyan government, local businesses and communities, Dig Deep seeks to transform access to these vital services for the one million people of Bomet County, Kenya.

Croda Foundation has awarded Dig Deep £51,195 for its Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure. Through WASH, Dig Deep will construct rooftop rainwater harvesting systems at four schools, creating a clean water supply for 1,500 children. The project will protect two community springs, providing a clean water supply for 2,000 community members. Additionally, Dig Deep will deliver sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health education for 24 villages, reaching 10,800 children and community members.

This project will reduce the incidence of preventable waterborne disease, mitigate childhood malnutrition and stunting, create wealth through increased economic opportunity, and protect the natural environment by improving integrated water resource management across the region.

To learn more about Dig Deep, visit its website.

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