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Supporting smallholder farmers in Tanzania

Reduce hunger and poverty, and improve livelihoods

Africa and Middle East

The issue:

Most small and medium-scale farmers in Tanzania are trapped in a vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. This cycle is caused by underperforming crop yields due to factors such as low yielding seeds, insufficient water, and lack of fertilisers. Consequently, stunting (low height for age) occurs in almost a third of Tanzanian children under the age of five, while about 30% of Tanzanian women of reproductive age are anemic. The negative impacts of poor nutrition, specifically stunting, on brain development affects not only individuals but also the economic success of the country. A 1% loss in adult height due to childhood stunting is associated with a 1.4% loss in national economic productivity.

Fair Planet’s team in Tanzania, standing in a field holding cabbages planted during a crop productivity trial  

The project:

Fair Planet seeks to provide small-scale farmers in Tanzania with food security and economic opportunities by making high-quality vegetable seeds, suitable to local conditions, accessible and affordable to local farmers. The organisation bridges the current gap between existing high quality seed varieties developed by leading seed companies and transfers technologies and knowledge to smallholder farmers.

Croda Foundation has awarded Fair Planet £225,000 to support 2,500 smallholder farmers in Morogoro, Tanzania, by enhancing crop productivity, identifying and introducing high-quality vegetable seeds, and training these farmers in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The project will enable better food supply and create new job opportunities for the local communities, directly benefiting 13,000 people. Farmers will be supported to triple their yields, allowing them to double their annual income and enjoy better health, nutrition and education.

This project also utilises Croda’s smart science. Incotec, part of Croda’s Life Sciences business, specialises in improving the performance and resilience of agricultural seed through seed technology. The Incotec site in the Netherlands is supporting Fair Planet for specific seed questions and will provide seed treatment if required.

To learn more about Fair Planet, visit its website.

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