Sinal do Vale Atlantic Forest

Instituto Sinal do Vale

Building a community-based agro-ecotourism trail in Brazil

Protect and restore forests and ecosystems

South and Central America

The issue:

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most biodiverse and endangered biomes in the world, with just 12% of the original forest remaining. The nearby Guanabara Bay region is characterised by a lack of infrastructure, high levels of poverty, unemployment, and crime. It has suffered severe environmental deterioration over the centuries, including significant degradation of rivers and water sources, and is still at high risk for deforestation due to agricultural pressures, low economic value of tree cover and urban encroachment.

Building agro-ecotourism trail with Sinal do Vale

The project:

Established in 2011, Instituto Sinal do Vale works in the Guanabara Bay region, the buffer zone between Rio de Janeiro and the Atlantic Forest, to foster inclusive forest landscape restoration, local food security, and sustainable economic development.

Croda Foundation has awarded Instituto Sinal do Vale £90,000 for a community-based agro-ecotourism trail, which will pass through four municipalities in the Guanabara Bay region. The project will integrate agriculture and forest restoration, and it will empower marginalised groups to generate income through improved ecological farming methods and agrotourism.

Over two years, it will provide 200 smallholder farmers an increased ability to produce and process healthy, quality food. Additionally, 800 community members will also benefit as a result of increased food security and income generation.

To learn more about Instituto Sinal do Vale, visit its website

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